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Sunny Dhillon recently filmed a feature film where a he plays an FBI swat trying to track down lead actor Jason Statham. Directed by David Ayer. This will be released towards the end of 2023

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Monologue: Eyes of my daughter


Sunny Dhillon has a recurring role on this new Paramount network tv series "68 Whiskey" which is executively produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. The show follows a multiethnic mix of men and women deployed as Army medics to a forward operating base in Afghanistan, where they endure a dangerous world that leads to self-destructive appetites, outrageous behavior and intense camaraderie. He plays the Warlords Bodyguard who is basically hired by the two main leads to fight in illegal boxing fights to help them get out of debt. He was given a visa by the producers of 68 Whiskey CBS and Imagine entertainment to be a part of the show. The show airs on 15th September 2020 on Paramount network. 

68 Whiskey Reel

My time on 68 Whiskey 

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