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The eyes of my daughter monologue

Special Skills/Training

I have trained as a boxer for many years, but due to medical reasons (poor eye sight/contact lenses) I was never able to compete properly. I was a boxing coach at Cardiff University for 5 years. I train under professional boxing coach Gary Lockett. He is an ex pro boxer himself. If you google him you'll will find his resume!

At the age of 16-18 I used to do Mixed Martial Arts and competed. This is a training video of me learning and training with BJJ black belt Rob Taylor who is the founder of the Rob Taylor Jiu-Jitsu academy in Cardiff, Wales.

Trained and qualified under the guidance of Benjamin Leonidas-Morgan who has an extensive military background. These are training footages with him. He is the owner/founder of Firearms Training For Film & TV. He really instilled in me the technique of how SAS, SEALS, MARINES etc would tactiacally move and operate. I was trained to hit real targets and at time to fire live rounds to make my training more real and accurate.

Sword training with instructor Jordan Mock. He is the owner/founder of Academy of Steel, Jordan Mock, has been a practitioner of various martial arts for most of his life. His passion has taken him to re-enactment battles in Denmark and sword fighting tournaments in Italy and he has won several medals and awards both in Britain and abroad. Jordan’s main focus of study has been the Italian fencing tradition, sword and buckler and sword and shield, though he is also well versed in the use of axes, spears and knives. An accredited instructor with the British Combat Association, the Company of arms of the Rose and the Sword and the Vikings Society UK.

Archery Training with instructor David John. Archery is something I've always wanted to try through my fascinations of shows like Vikings, Game of thrones, and movies like Lord of the Rings. It's something I picked up quite quickly and look forward to see my progression.

Being trained and qualified by Mikey Newman in stunt training/combat and free running/parkour. He is a Lead Parkour/Freerunning instructor & Project Manager for My E-Motion. 

WFPF Master Trainer candidate; a qualification to train and certify other Parkour instructors in WFPF Level 1-3 certification. 

Dragon Multi Sport coach for Welsh local authorities in Swansea, Carmarthenshire & Pembrokeshire. 

Experience with event, construction & artist management as well as athlete development, coaching, performing, project planning, lesson planning, risk-assessment and choreography spans 19 years.


Award Winning short film written, directed and produced by Sunny Dhillon. He was also the lead actor in the project and won and was nominated for Best Actor Awards.

This is a story about a once top ranked boxer struggling to deal with the adversity he is facing in life. Dominic Corella (Sunny Dhillon) has lost all self belief and is nowhere near the fighter he once was. A man who once believed in God as a child, but has felt betrayed and abandoned by his friend. He must find a way to save those closest to him. But first he must save himself from the darkness to see the light once again.


This is my short film 'DREAMERS". I wrote, directed and starred in it. This is the first film I have ever made. This was also my writing and directing debut. I have had a lot of success since this project has been released, such as having articles written about it, festival selections (worldwide) and winning awards (e.g. Best Actor).

This project is dedicated to those who are chasing their dreams and feel like they are getting nowhere and have lost everything along the way. It also links to the subject of depression and how it should be ok to be emotionally vulnerable, regardless of the gender. 


A story of one mans battle with his inner demons. At the same time losing faith in his dream, which he had since he was a little boy pretending to be batman. Cody is at a cross roads in life as he has been chasing his dream of becoming an actor but feels he is getting no where. He has called out for his best mate Logan's help, who comes to his friends aid. Cody gets emotionally invested in the conversation and snaps. He ends up going down a dark path and Logan must find a way to bring him back.

Please watch it, give it a like, a share and any feedback you'd like! 

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