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In this section you can find all publications, articles, mentions, feedback etc about my work and achievements.

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Cardiff Times writing an article about my recent success. (Click on image for full article, pg 54-55)

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Interview with Cardiff TV. (Click on image to watch the interview)

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Only God Knows Film Review by UK film review. 

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What lovely messages/feedback to receive from LAFA!

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A little mention from the guys at AOF festival.

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An article about me on PopWrapped. (Click on image for the link)


A review on my performance from renowned and leading UK acting coach Mel Churcher. (Click on image to see her website). 

An article about me on Buzz Feed! (Click on image for the link)

So grateful for this sort of feedback from the audience about 'Dreamers'.

My interview with Wales Online (click the image to read the full article).

Interview with Local Link magazine (click the image to read the full article).

It was such a pleasure to be invited onto Radio Cardiff. Had so much fun on the show talking about my short film and how it has helped people around the world. My interview starts around the 20 minute mark (click on the image to listen to the full interview).  

An article about me in Cardiff Times (June 2017 edition). Being a local Cardiff boy, this meant a lot. You can find the article on page 72-73 (click on the image to read the full article). 

An interview I did about my short film 'DREAMERS' with Mikey's Movie World. Check out his Facebook page! (Click on the image to see the full interview) 

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